In today's time, traditional and tobacco cigarettes are already being replaced. There is already a new version of smoking. This is what they call vaping. Vaping is the latest trend of smoking - it is actually an artificial cigarette that is known to be an instrument in quitting dangerous smoking. In the year 2015, vaping is already there but not yet recognized. A lot of people consider it as a weird thing. But as time passes by, vape has become the number smoking trend in the world. Most of these Vaping devices deliver nicotine; it would of course be cheaper to buy some nicotine insecticide and just lick the lid.


Vape usually have liquid nicotine but in some places, they replace liquid nicotine with Vegetable Glycerin Liquid or Propylene Glycol. This is to avoid bad side effects like what the traditional cigarette gives. This is the reason why vape is considered to be a safe smoking.


In some places, vape is actually allowed in some places which a traditional cigarette is prohibited. Vape is considered to be much safer for it does not give dangerous effects such as vomiting, inflammation, cough, nausea and so on and so forth. Know more about popcorn lung.


Years and years before, traditional cigarettes are announced to be very dangerous to health. A lot of doctors agreed that these traditional cigarettes cause lung cancer and other diseases. However there are still a lot of people who still smoke these traditional cigarettes. With this, a lot of professionals find ways to prevent this bad effect of smoking. With this, they invented this thing called vape. Vape is also known as electronic cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are way better that the traditional cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes or vape is designed the same as the traditional cigarette to help people quit smoking. Traditional and vape (electronic cigarette) are both cylindrical in structure and both create smoke. In this way, smokers will just feel the same feeling. Traditional smokers will just think that these vapes are just like traditional cigarettes because of its structure and the smoke it creates. However, the only difference is the safety it gives. Vapes are safer than traditional cigarettes.


Vapes are actually offered around the world. There are actually a lot of vapes being sold in different places in the world. If you want to try one, you can actually try buying on the nearest store in your place.



Learn why switching to vaping is good for you because vaping is a safe smoking and it helps people quit dangerous smoking.